9 - 27 - 02

hearing : nothing

Almost forgot this page existed for a while.
I guess i've just needed a break from everything, the more I stayed away the less I missed it. There was a time when I didn't think this (the internet, etc.) would ever become boring or repetitve. Even artwork is becoming more of a chore than a release...a requirement that is becoming too routine. There are times when I still really enjoy the feeling I get when i've completed a new piece but then I think am I really doing this for me anymore ?

Anyways, I put a new layout up at violet-ray.net a couple weeks ago, i'm somewhat happy with it...I think it still needs some work though, maybe change some things around.

Things with Jason are still going really well, i'm probably going for another visit next week. Our "one year of talking" anniversary comes up on the 12th. I have a little something planned. ;)

Rasputina are doing another Chicago date on october 30th and of course we already have tickets..yah !!