hearing : NIN - wish

wow, the design community has been getting pretty scary lately. So many people "designers/artists" with egos. Ok, lets take the number of people complaining about devart, you make that site what you want, nobody twisted your arm and made you join. I'm actually very glad I signed up almost a year ago i've met some very talented and inspiring people on there, and I think my work is better now because of it. True the forums are shit, but nobody said you had to post there...just ignore them ! And the whole "he got more comments then me" haha, seriously...you all sound like a bunch of 10 year olds.

True...the place may be getting insanely huge but i'm not going to stop posting my stuff there, or commenting on what I think is good and not what some "elitist" tells me I should like.

hehe, maybe this may sound a little harsh...maybe it's the fact that I had a pretty painful dentist appt. today and my head is killing me. ;)