6 - 13 - 02

happy birthday to me !! ;)

ooh my, well calling last night amazing really doesn't do much to describe it...even putting up with 2 opening bands was worth it to see Rasputina.

They came on stage at about 11:00 pm...(oh yeah, did I mention we were pretty much front row !!). They entered the stage from the right...first the drummer, then k. coperthwaite, (one of the newer members) then Melora. They were dressed in corsets and white skirts and black boots. Melora sat down and first thing she took off her left boot and held it up like she was going to throw it into the audience then she sat it down beside her. Before starting Melora explained that she wasn't feeling too well and her voice was a little messed up, but nobody seemed to mind or even notice for that matter.

They started with an amazing entrance into Trenchmouth and did a few more songs from How we Quit the Forest. About half way through "the new zero" Melora's amp plug came out of the front of her cello...she yelled "I lost my cello, because I was rocking out too hard". She was hilarious with her comments in between songs.

They also did a few songs from the new cd "cabin fever", like : this orphanage, state fair, Rats, crosswalk, hunter's kiss and antiquehighheelreddollshoes, which rocked...coperthwaite is an amazing cello player, Melora and her have a wonderful chemistry on stage. Something was missing though...they had no 3rd member !? She could have been sick but Melora never even said anything about there being another member, oh well...as far as i'm concerned she (melora) could have just been up there playing by herself, haha.

They did an encore...wish you were here, brand new key and one other song which I can't remember at the moment. ;) Then Melora said "goodnight" and they walked off the stage. I would have loved to just stand there and listen to them all night but I soppose all good things must come to an end. :(

They played for about an hour and a half and I would definately say this is my favorite concert...I mean I knew it would be great, but I was completely blown away by the sound and how much it rocked, there were a few times I thought I was hearing electric guitars instead of cellos. Needless to say, I will definately be seeing them again, even if I have to go to Brooklyn to do so. ;)